Who is Joel A. Barker?

I’m a husband & father who loves Jesus and His story. I love to hang out with my beautiful wife, Tina and my four fun-loving boys, Zach, Elijah, Jaxon, & Toby. I also love to study and teach Scripture. I believe my primary calling is to my family. In addition to that, the Church is a passion of mine as well.

I love writing. I feel like it’s one of many callings in my life. From 2008-2012, I used my writing ability to in the sports world. I had a blast covering football and baseball games. However, in April 2012, I felt the call of God to a deeper involvement in ministry—writing included. Little did I know that was just the beginning of a wild and crazy journey that would test my faith in ways I didn’t know possible. Over the next four years, God opened doors for training & education in order to equip Tina & me for the journey.

Left to right (top) – Tina, Zach, Joel (bottom) Jaxon, Toby, Elijah

For 10 years, I was a worship pastor and teacher in my dad’s church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2017, my wife & I felt the call of God to sell everything and move to Middle Tennessee to plant a church. More about that in a minute.

I write about revival, missions, and the Kingdom. From time to time, I’ll write a book review and I may even cover something important in the news. Chances are, I’ll even throw in some commentary from the front lines of this church planting adventure we’re on. I hope you’ll keep coming back for more!

11 random facts about me

  1. My wife, Tina, and I were married on May 11, 2002, in Rupert, West Virginia.
  2. Tina is a remarkably gifted graphics artist. 
  3. I love Gospel music. Jonathan McReynolds is my favorite Gospel artist at the moment. In fact, I love most forms of the Christian music genre. From the Gold City Quartet to DC Talk to Donnie McClurkin and every thing in between.
  4. I am a long-suffering University of Tennessee Vols fan—football, baseball, and basketball. Go Big Orange!
  5. Podcasts are one of my preferred pastimes. Among my favorites: The Carey Nieuwhoff Leadership Podcast, Smart Passive Income, and Poddy Break.
  6. We are a baseball family. My oldest boy Zach is turning into quite the pitcher.
  7. Major League Baseball is my favorite sport. Let’s go Braves!
  8. I read a lot of A.W. Tozer, N.T. Wright, & John Maxwell.
  9. Superhero movies are my favorite. I like both Marvel and DC, but that’s probably not allowed.
  10. I once tried out for the Cincinnati Reds. Did I mention we like baseball?
  11. Finally, my four boys are quite talented. Zach wants to be an MLB pitcher; Elijah an astrophysicist; Jaxon loves anything ending in -ball, and Toby is my little comedian/politician/fundraiser.