Catalyzing Momentum

So, about that whole church planting thing. When we moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee in July 2017, God placed the words momentum and catalyst on my heart.

Momentum City was to be the name of our church, along with Project Momentum as our non-profit name. Our vision was to spark or catalyze spiritual momentum in the hearts of people. 

While we are still in the planning stages of planting a church, the vision of raising up Momentum Catalysts in our city has become our key focus in this season.

What is a Momentum Catalyst?

A Momentum Catalyst is a firestarter. They carry the spark that leads to a flame of spiritual momentum in the hearts of others.

Momentum Catalysts are laypeople or ministers who:

  • Start in-home bible studies
  • Lead in-home prayer meetings & small worship gatherings.
  • Lead pop-up worship services whether on Facebook or in the park.
  • Start spiritual conversations with non-believers
  • Start blogs and podcasts
  • Devote their social media to Gospel proclamation.

Most Momentum Catalysts are laypeople who desire to live out their faith in a way that spreads to fellow Christians, non-believers, co-workers and neighbors.

In the very near future we will be rolling out information on becoming a Momentum Catalyst through the blog, podcast, and Youtube.

Check back early and often for more information on this exciting new adventure!