When a Muslim Attacks a Gay Nightclub

When a Muslim attacks a gay nightclub, you might expect there to be plenty of hot takes from Christians. Immediately following the worst mass shooting in America’s history at Orlando, Floridas hottest gay bar The Pulse, early Sunday morning, the takes were hotter than any event the club could have ever boasted.
From President Obamas failure to mention radical Islam to the rampant speculation that the democrats are going to come after our guns, the politics of the moment quickly became the primary focus while investigators were still identifying bodies and notifying the next of kin.
People died. 50 precious souls that Jesus died to save, dropped into eternity in a matter of minutes.
Our hearts should break for those who identify as LGBT community that has been shunned by many of us for the most part.
In this moment of unspeakable tragedy, love the sinner, hate the sin just doesn’t cut it. Our love for the sinner should have us on our faces crying out to God for spiritual awakening in the LGBT community rather than prefacing every conversation about this massacre with that pithy little quote.
What about the Muslim community? We get so mad at President Obama and our federal government because they won’t use that extra adjective to describe this type of terrorism and we lash out at all Muslims.
Our hearts should break for the Muslim community yet another people group that is completely blind to the Gospel. Given all the bloodshed at the hands of radical jihadists in recent years, many of us might just be inclined to let them all go to Hell. Judging by Facebook reactions, this seems to be the case more often than not.
We’ve allowed both groups to become demonized and untouchable.
The rhetoric following the massacre has been all too predictable. Barely 48 hours after the attack and were all just yelling again. I believe it’s past time, in fact, to stop yelling, stop fearing, and for heaven’s sake stop taking your talking points from political candidates and actually be Jesus to the people who need Him most.
We must do better.