Below is an excerpt of my feature story in the August 2015 edition of Good News Chattanooga magazine.

Marriage as we know it has changed. No, this article has nothing to do with the Supreme Court. The change I’m referring to happened a long time ago when the two working together for the good of the whole family inexplicably morphed into the two living their own individual lives.

Traditional roles of male breadwinner and female homemaker have long since passed. And in the place of tradition, we have substituted two individuals, working separately, rarely getting a glimpse of each other.

Whether you are climbing your own ladders of success or, in some cases, leading totally separate lives, marriage for many is a shell of what it used to be.

Throughout the New Testament, we read about a couple that exemplified togetherness. Aquila and Priscilla come on the scene in Acts as companions of Apostle Paul.

In Acts 18, we learn that Aquila and Priscilla trained Apollos, a powerful first-century church leader. In Romans 16, Paul says the couple risked their lives for him. In 1 Corinthians, we find out that a church was meeting in their house.

There are six different references to this dynamic duo and they are always named as a couple rather than individuals.

There’s no doubt Aquila and Priscilla were an integral piece to the foundation of the early church. And they did it all together.

The obvious ministry application aside, this original power couple can teach us a lot…

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