Below is a small snippet of the marriage devotional found in 30:1 Marriage: Overcoming The Odds (Volume 2)

A key concept in everyday life is balance. You need it to walk successfully. Balance is needed to keep things level in life. In an extremist culture, balance is often viewed as a negative compromise. However, in marriage, balance is one of the most important aspects of a happy, healthy relationship with one’s spouse.

Within marriage, balance is key to saving, spending, health, and raising children, just to name a few. Perhaps, the greatest aspect of balance within a marriage is the delicate tension between working as a whole—two becoming one—and keeping some measure of individuality.

Jesus Himself called for the two to “become one flesh” in Mark 10. When the Apostle Paul spoke of the union between Christ and the Church, he reiterated those same words of Jesus in Ephesians chapter five. So we’re supposed to forfeit our own identities for the sake of the whole, right? Well, not exactly…