Laying Aside the Weight

Well, it’s been a month since I posted last.  And this time I have a really good excuse.

My last post was on Memorial Day night. Coincidentally, the day after Memorial Day was the beginning of a new me.

For most of my life I’ve been a little too friendly with food. Junk food, fast food, food loaded with sodium, and super sized portions have all too often been on my personal menu.

About three years ago, my wife and I took part in a “Biggest Loser” competition at church. We lost a combined 80 lbs then. We both kept it off for about a year. Then, slowly but surely as life circumstances changed and a child was added we gained everything back and then some.

When I began struggling to catch my breath after a short walk on a recent fishing trip with my boys, I began to realize something had to change in my life.  I topped the scales at 333 lbs (the largest I’ve ever been) on Memorial Day evening.

Since that night, I have cut my calories by about 75-percent a day. I’m now eating around 2,500 calories a day, which tells you what my food consumption was on a normal day before I began this transformation.

About a week into my diet, I had my regular yearly eye doctor visit. At this visit I was told my blood pressure was extremely high. 154/103 to be exact. Two subsequent blood pressure readings weren’t much better. This only added to my determination to get the weight off.

35 days after I began this new lifestyle (I refuse to use the d-i-e-t word), I have lost 22 lbs and I feel better than I have in at least three years.

In addition to my new eating habits, I’m exercising everyday and I walk/jog an average of 3-4 miles on a daily basis.

My ultimate goal is a complete lifestyle change.

I’ve started eating healthier foods. My portion sizes are cut in half. And I’ve eliminated red meat and junk food while taking on a daily exercise regimen.

Beginning this new adventure has meant less blog posting of late. But this new way of life is starting to become routine. I’m certain that will mean more blogging.

I’m laying aside the weight that has far too long been a hindrance in my life.